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Reservations are available for lunch, dinner and all other meal periods. Most reservations can be made online thanks to Open Table.

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Management’s notice

Le Bouchon PBG will hold reserved tables for 30 minutes only. Le Bouchon PBG reserves the right to give the tables away. But don’t worry, we will try to accommodate you and make you feel comfortable, but we can not promise seats and tables if you arrive late

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If there is anything that we can do to make your lunch or dinner even more memorable, please do not forget to indicate it in your reservation.

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Karen V

Great for lunch with friends or family, every day! The pastries are so good and the service is also great. If you are looking to impress a good friend, I highly recommend Le Bouchon PBG restaurant, an amazing French Bistro.

Karen V.

Samuel D

I love this place! Yes, I love Le Bouchon PB. I ordered a Quiche with Crab & Shrimp and it was really amazing. Best quiche I’ve ever had! Definitely, I recommend this because the food was so good and the team is at your disposal.

Samuel D.

Ben P

If you are looking for a special dining experience, visit Le Bouchon PBG. The service is excellent, the dishes were so delicious and my dessert was wonderful as well.

Ben P.

Alex C

All I can say is WOW. I have never eaten such an amazing crepe. absolutely love it. I just hope I will get the opportunity to eat here again!

Alex C.




Le Bouchon PBG restaurant proposes you at dinner and lunch, serves a delicious brunch on Saturday and Sunday. The most popular dishes include the French Onion Soup Gratinée, the Omelet Provençale, Quiche with ham & swiss cheese, French Crepes and so many other dishes. Consult our menus. We will be delighted to welcome you.


11701 Lake Victoria Gardens Ave, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

1- (561) 622-1616