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Le Bouchon PBG Faq

How do I make a reservation?

You can make a reservation on Le Bouchon Palm Beach Gardens’s website or by contacting the restaurant directly. Click here to make a reservation.

How do I change or cancel an existing reservation?

If you reserved a table on Le Bouchon Palm Beach Gardens website, you can edit or cancel your reservation online by visiting the Change My Reservation page or through OpenTable, contact us directly. Please call Le Bouchon Palm Beach Gardens restaurant to modify your reservation.

How can I learn more about customized menus for private events?

You can order customized menus.  We will work closely with you to make sure your menu suits your needs. We will also propose you our finest wine or sparkings.

How do I book a private event?

Contact us for private dining on our Private Dining page. Simply provide some information about your event, and Le Bouchon Palm Beach Gardens will respond as soon as the request is received to help you book your gathering. Request private dining here.

Hours of operations?

Monday 11:00 am 09:30 pm
 Tuesday 11:00 am 09:30 pm
 Wednesday 11:00 am 09:30 pm
 Thursday 11:00 am 09:30 pm
 Friday 11:00 am 09:30 pm
 Saturday 10:00 am 10:30 pm
 Sunday 10:00 am 09:30 pm

What is the current promotion? Are there any specials?

To be the first to find out about our promotions and specials. You can also check out our Specials Page for current offers!

Does Le Bouchon Palm Beach Gardens offer vegetarian dishes or other alternative menus?

We want you to feel welcome so our Chef is always happy to prepare a vegetable-based dish for any customer who requests one. Please just ask your server about what you want to eat.

What do you recommend we drink?

Le Bouchon Pbg recommends that you taste our speciality, Le Mimosa, made with sparkling white wine and orange juice.

Price: $14.95

How can I apply for a job at Le Bouchon Palm Beach Gardens?

We are always looking for new members of the Le Bouchon Palm Beach Gardens. Please check our Career Opportunities page to learn more and to apply online for both Management and Team Member positions. For information about employment at the Restaurant Le Bouchon Palm Beach Gardens, click here Opens a New Window.

Le Bouchon Palm Beach Gardens is a wonderful work environment.

Where can I find Le Bouchon Palm Beach Gardens?

Click on our Menu page to view our Brunch, Quiches, Sandwiches, Soups, Salads, Wines and Cocktails.